Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with Steph (Steph's Stitches and Such)at her fantastic new home. We had a great time talking crafts and decor, and finding neat treasures around her home...sticks! Steph had been telling me that she has plenty of awesome sticks for me to use for my bird mobiles and other projects, and she wasn't lying. These sticks are beautiful, practically works of art in themselves with their curly branches and bleached white bark. Most of them were eucalyptus, but there was one gorgeous red one we're not sure of. It does look a lot like the red dogwood branches Debbie gave me, so that's my best guess, but we didn't know.

I look forward to many more visits to the Sario's yellow house.


  1. Hey Can, I think the red one is manezita.

  2. Ooh how fun!! Etsy is calling your name!

  3. Gorgeous pictures of our sticks, Can! I'm going stick crazy now. I've spray painted them and put them all over my house! Haha. I can't wait for you to see. I have another cool idea for their use that I want to share with you too. Remind me!


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