Date Night

Last night Rob and I were able to have a little date night together. We're out together a lot - out to church events, parties, weddings, you name it. But it's a rare and special thing to have no reason to go out except that we want to be with each other. We chose my favorite restaurant, Fugazzi's, and had a fun time splurging on dinner since we had a gift certificate. We shared the "Intimate Dinner for Two" and both had bread, appetizers, salad, steak complete with pasta and veggies on the side, and dessert. What else can I say except YUM!

After dinner, we drove around and looked at Christmas lights, one of our favorite things to do. We stumbled across one of those light shows where a house is all decked out with tons of lights and they flash and sparkle to the beat of Christmas songs that you tune into on your radio. If you're in Visalia, I'd recommend checking it out. Pick up some Starbuck's and drive on over to the neighborhood just north of Demaree and Goshen, on the west side. You'll see it. "Shows" begin on the hour from 6 to 9 and last about fifteen minutes. We're going to try to go again since we got there a bit late.

It was a great night and gave us the energy to handle another week of Christmas craze.


  1. There is a house like that by me! There are always people parked along the street listening and watching the lights.


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