Feely Christmas 2010

We were blessed once again to be able to have Nathan, as well as Jeff and Deb, here with us for Christmas. The three of them came December 22nd and stayed through Christmas Eve, so we had some quality time with them, most of which revolved around eating delicious food and playing with Nathan :)

Thursday evening, we had a birthday celebration for Robby (Dec 21st), Jeff (Jan 2nd), and Nathan, whose birthday isn't for another two months but got to join in on the fun with his dad and uncle.

Trains are what it's all about in this two-year-old's world, so we spent much time building tracks and pushing our little trains around. Robby made the coolest tracks, although Nathan found it just as fun to break them all up as it was to use them.
Busy as he was, Nathan did let Debbie show him his new book.
Present time!
Our gift to Nathan: a little green "Percy" train
At this point, Nathan found it funny to make fish faces instead of smiles.
Family dinner
Although Christmas day was a little quiet without Nathan, Deb, and Jeff, we still had a wonderful time together.


  1. I love that Jerry is wearing a "Messiah" sweatshirt. I had one of those for years!


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