Saturday Summary

What a week, and a good week at that. A few highlights:

1. Wednesday night was our first real practice for the Christmas musical I'm leading at church. I really need to talk more about that sometime, but I'll save it for later.

2. On Thursday, Chelsea, my mom, and I went to Fresno on Thursday and had a fun time shopping and walking around. We didn't buy much, me nothing at all, but it was nice to peruse, eat a cookie from Mrs. Field's, and know that you aren't missing much sale-wise.

3. Thursday also was the day we found out Ben and Steph were in the hospital having their baby, which leads to the great highlight on Friday: getting to meet their little one. I have some pictures, but I'll wait until Steph gets a chance to get home and post some of her own.

4. Friday morning was spent baking and trying some new things: I made the gingerbread cake again with a pear compote, candied orange peel (I'll post the recipe's a neat one!), and chocolate-banana bread. All of these are worth your baking time, so check back next week for the recipes.

5. We had a great thank-you dinner party for the six people who diligently work with our youth group Friday night. Tasty food, great conversation, and even a fun round or two of Catch-Phrase made it a fantastic night.

And now, it's Saturday morning, rain is softly falling, the coffee is brewing, and there is nothing on the schedule. Yay.


  1. Candace, I am disappointed! You failed to mention that Saturday has been made perfect not only by nothing on the schedule but the fact that Eclipse is out today!!!!


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