Our Little Christmas

After our Christmas Eve service on Friday night, Robby and I decided to come home and have our own Christmas time together instead of cramming it in Christmas morning. It was great. We got into our jammies, made ourselves some hot tea, and did stockings and presents together. Although we have for the past few years decided not to do big presents, Robby broke that rule entirely this year and gave me a scrapbook and beautiful wood chopping block. (My kitchen is pretty glammed out right now with its new chopping block, stand mixer, and baking dishes from the Feely's.) What did he get? Well a toy of course! I gave him this duck shooting game that he had seen and filled his stockings with fun little trinkets, including the most darling Pez dispenser ever.


  1. So, Rob, did I actually make the cut this time in the scrap book? Great chopping block Can!


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