Nothing says "It's Christmas! Welcome to my home!" like a beautiful wreath that greets visitors at the door. There are too many cute DIYs out there to choose from, so until I choose, these great wreaths will just have to say welcome to my blog instead of welcome to my home.

Click on their titles if you want the steps and more info!




  1. I love the paper leaves wreath. I think the old sweater one is a good idea too. I feel bad tossing clothes that you can't give away because they are too shabby, but for the most part have perfectly good material on them.

  2. Can - Hmm, I just don't know why I would bother to make something out of plastic bags when I can just buy any nice pre-made wreath on clearance after Christmas and store it till next December (and following years). One nice thing I've seen in the past is baking a variety of leaf-shaped cookies, icing them with green frosting, and arranging them in a circle to make an edible wreath! Ooh, maybe add red candies for that holly berry touch! It's sounding more and more attractive. Maybe we should do that when Nathan and I are there next week.

    Kelly - If you are interested, you can do all sorts of crafts with old sweaters that you've felted.

  3. I like the idea of making that when you come, Deb!


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