A Little Christmas Carol

Yesterday's service was an exciting one for me because the children at church performed in the mini-musical I wrote. It is called A Little Christmas Carol and tells the story of Carol, a Scrooge-like character who has forgotten what Christmas is really about. As Carol goes to sleep that night, she is greeted by three different sets of visitors (we didn't call them ghosts...that may have been misunderstood by the kids!) who help her remember the true meaning of Christmas. Shepherds, angels, and wisemen appear to Carol, and by the end, she recognizes that Christmas is about Christ's birth and nothing else.

I wrote five songs and used Garageband on my Mac to record them. They actually turned out great, and, unless I told them, people didn't know it was not a purchased production. Since October, the kids have been learning the songs, hand motions, and lines. Courtney (my co-leader of Kids Praise) and I were very busy, but we were absolutely thrilled with how it all turned out. I couldn't have asked for a better performance!

Our prayer all along has been that the children and their performance would minister to their families and our church, and yesterday was the beginning of that answered prayer. It is amazing what children's voices will do to the hearts of all men!


  1. I was so blessed to be there! The program was great! Candace, you do such a good job of tying new and old together, reaching and touching all ages. I have heard you do it before, and I think it is an amazing gift. Beyond that, the enthusiasm of the kids was so contagious, and the audience so enthralled, that the blessings were pouring down. Like your dad said it was touching and funny all at the same time, which I think opens hearts to God's working. There was a sense of unity and pride and joy in the congregation; they owned the moment and it was good. : )

  2. Sounds really cool!
    I love Garageband...that's where Anna has been mixing her recent tunes too.

  3. Can that is so awesome! So proud of you!


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