A new take on Eclipse

Last night, I spent two hours watching Eclipse with my new best friends Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

That's right. As I was preparing myself to watch some of the extra features on my special two-disc dvd of Eclipse (alone, I might add), I saw that you can watch the movie with commentary from Rob and Kristen. Although Kelly warned me that this would ruin Eclipse (because Rob Pattinson is hilarious), it was worth it. How could I possibly pass up Rob commenting on Edward's Batman-like voice or crazy-long sideburns? Or even Kristen Stewart recognizing Bella's terrible wig? And who could help but laugh when (in his best Yogi Bear voice), R-Pat said "Boo Boo" every time Seth made his appearance?

Yes, the drama of Eclipse was ruined no doubt, but what can you do when your best friends stop by and want to talk through your favorite movie? Nothing at all, except sit back and enjoy the show.


  1. I tried to be satisfied by only watching a couple scenes of their commentary...especially that boo-boo part -so funny! But I am going to have to watch the whole thing! RP is just too much. Isn't it enough to be our fantasy Edward? Now he has to be hilarious and devastatingly handsome in real life too? Yeah, that Kristen girl is okay too..


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