Getaway with the Gimlin's

I mentioned in my tidbits post that Robby and I were able to have a fun little getaway with our friends Ben and Steph.  We spent two nights at the cabin in Three Rivers and enjoyed every second of it!

Much of our time was spent eating and playing games
Oh and much of our time was spent holding this little one!  Sadly, I don't have a single picture of her smiling.  You'll have to check Steph's blog for some cute ones.
We took a couple walks and attempted to capture the beautiful flowers and scenery

Enjoying ice cream at Reimer's
The necessary "Rob eating something" picture

A woodpecker!

I like this photo - it looks very "Twilightesque" to me
Ben holding the alligator jerky we all tried!  


  1. So, what were your thoughts on the Gator?

  2. Kelly, the initial flavor was good...but there was some strange aftertaste! I said it reminded me of a burp. Gross, huh?

  3. I actually think that the photo above the "Twilight-esqe" photo is the real Twilight...I'm not sure, but is that Edward crouching down on a rock?

  4. Haha- somehow I got to this post and reread it and I was confused on why you were calling Rob a woodpecker- then I saw the photo above- duh! This was fun, we should do it again soon :)


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