String Garden How-to

A couple of weekends ago, Robby and I put together our little string garden, and I wanted to share more about that just in case you too want lovely plants hanging from strings!  

First of all, to really get the steps, you need to visit the post at Design*Sponge by clicking here.  I'll explain what we did as we did make a few changes, but D*S offers step by step instructions.

1.  Buy your materials.  We got all of these at our local Lowe's and a nursery.  You need sheet moss, sphagnum moss, and peat moss (all come in bags), little shade loving plants, string, cotton thread, scissors, gloves, and dirt.  The instructions call for bonsai soil instead of dirt, but our local places didn't carry it.  If you find it, use it!  

2.  Begin by cleaning the dirt off your plant.  (Do this outside!)  Shake off all the dirt and gently pull apart the roots.  Wrap the roots in the sphagnum moss and secure with thread.  

3.  Make an orange-sized (or slightly bigger) ball with a ratio of 7:3 peat moss: dirt/soil.  Add water until the ball will stick together.

4.  Open up the ball and place the moss-wrapped roots inside.  Close the ball, then cover with the sheet moss.  Take the cotton string and wrap it around, kind of like wrapping a present.  

5.  Tie it off at the top, leaving enough string to hang.

6.  Hang and enjoy!  Water daily with a spray bottle to keep the plant happy and the moss green.

Our supplies!  I bought that huge thing of string five years ago and seriously use it for everything. 
Robby holding his little friend 
We were so excited we had to hang them right away, even though it was late and dark.
Happy hanging plants!


  1. Super cool Can! I can't wait to see it in person.


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