Tidbits Tuesday

What a wonderful week of celebrating Easter!  In between all of that, we did a few more things:
  • As I posted, we spent time rearranging the veggies growing in our backyard.  Our tomatoes are kind of sad right now, all mopey and wilty, not at all happy about the move.  But I've assured them it's for the better.
  • We helped our parents put in their vegetable garden.  We came on the tail-end of the project, but it was fun picking out plants and filling their beautiful planter, which is twice the size of ours.
  • Tomorrow is Kelly's birthday, so I get to visit her this week!  A couple of days in beautiful San Diego with the bestie?!  Exciting!!
  • Bread attempt #2 didn't turn out as well as attempt #1, but I think I know why: I tried to skimp on a step and also used bread flour because that's all I had.  However, I used the sourdough starter to make pizza dough, and it was fabulous!  Who wants pizza?  I need an excuse to make it again, so just let me know!
  • I made cake pops!  Well, I actually made cake balls because I didn't want to go through the trouble of using lollipop sticks.  But they tasted super yummy!  Almost like a truffle with the chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, and chocolate candy coating.  Wish I had taken the time to make them look cuter, but they were a last minute thing to use up a few leftover cupcakes and frosting from Easter.  Just bake a cake, let cool, crumble it into a bowl, add frosting so that you can form little balls, place in refrigerator to harden, add sticks if you want, melt chocolate melties, and dip!  Neat-o! 

  • We had a great last night of Bible study, complete with my tasty treats.  We are now officially on summer break (yes, it came early) or at least shifting our attention to a marriage study that will begin next Sunday.  We're going through Sacred Marriage.  Has anyone read it?  I plan on giving a little summary of Francis Chan's Forgotten God, so stay tuned for that.
And there you go, a glimpse into our week.  Happy Tuesday!


  1. I alway wondered how people managed to make little perfect spheres of cake...I might try it out now.

  2. too funny about the cake pops! nice timing ;). i read sacred marriage last summer with a friend - it was amazing. seriously. i've been wanting to read sacred influence, his book written specifically to wives but haven't had a chance. also be warned...it is a bit theological and not as practical, but don't give up on it when you're discouraged!

  3. I read Sacred Marriage and gave it to Rob I think. It was pretty heavy as to the personal stories and a bit repetitious as to the teaching part, but the key thought, lean into the pain and let God do the work, made it worth reading. I will be interested to see what the two of you think. Mark and Pastor Jon both strongly suggested it.

  4. Can, I forgot to tell you, I've been trying the "use it up" challenge. We have TONS of small toiletry bottles and bars of soap from hotels that just take up space, so I've been using them all...before buying regular sizes. :) I love the challenge!


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