A wedding and an engagement!

What a weekend!  We celebrated two grand events: my cousin Alison's wedding and my sister Chelsea's recent engagement.  Both of these events involved much creating on my part.  As Ali's wedding pianist, I was busy writing and preparing music, and as Chelsea's excited sister, I was busy making and buying her fun "wifey" stuff.

We had such a great time celebrating and being with family.  And of course, the food all weekend wasn't too shabby, either.  To see what my mom's been cooking lately, visit her new blog: What's Cooking at Tamyra's?  (If you visit her blog, be sure and say hi!)


All dressed up!  Camille was a bridesmaid, and I just loved her bridesmaid dress.  (And guess what: she's letting me borrow it.  I most likely will not give it back!)
The "barn" where the reception was held.  Of course, this barn was pretty enough for a queen.  I especially loved the lights strung from the ceiling.
Beautiful flowers
All of us, minus Robby, who was taking the picture of course.
Enjoying the hot chocolate and sweets bar!
Kara and me
Dancing!  (Look at Chels go!)

Chels is showing off all her neat gifts!  Carly and Camille gave her a fun cupcake cookbook and a beautiful mug to match one she had.  My mom gave her an iron, which isn't shown, but which was much needed.  I gave her the apron she's sporting, a table cloth, and a pretty pot, which I scored at a yard sale for a couple of dollars! 
She is ready to cook in style!
And now begins the Honey pictures: Honey and Chelsea 
Honey and Carly
Honey and Camille
Honey and us!


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend Can. Congrats Chels!!!!

  2. I love Carly's dress! So cute!


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