Tidbits Tuesday

Last night at Bible study, we listened to Francis Chan (on video, of course) talk about how each of our relationships with God is different.  We all have the same Spirit inside of us and we all serve the same God, but God may relate to us differently, just like a parent relates to each of his children differently.  What a thought!  God may show his presence and love in my life in a unique way, all because He wants me to know that I am loved and known by Him.

I feel like I was going 100 miles a minute this week (that tends to be how I deal with difficult things in my life), but God -- because He is so good and wants me to know He loves me -- was right there alongside of me.  I may not have the best response to things in my life, as I'm sure God often is calling me to be still with Him, but God is still there.  

Here are the tids and bits of my week.  Thanks for reading!
  • Wednesday was the day of the disappointing news, so Robby took the morning off with me.  We had coffee together then ventured over to the garden section at Lowe's, where we often like to browse at plants.  We found two hydrangeas that were on clearance for $1 a piece, so they found a home in our sideyard.  I feel that even that is God showing his presence in my life.  He knows me so well!  
  • The women at our church began a four week Beth Moore study called "Measureless Love."  If you've ever done Beth Moore studies, you know they're usually quite a bit of work.  This one is homework free and mainly consists of watching the video.  Perfect, I say!
  • I completed some fun pillow covers for our red couch.  It was an easy project, and I'd be happy to share the steps if you'd like them.  Just let me know in the comments!  My favorite part about the pillows is they all close differently - some have buttons, some have ribbons, some have ties.  
  • I found that the orange-honey glaze that went on the chicken a couple of weeks ago made a perfect addition to fish!  One more Asian-esque dish to add to my list.  (I promise it tasted good even though this picture isn't the prettiest.)
  • On Friday, my parents called us at 4:30 to see if we would have dinner with them that night.  I returned the call, expecting to meet somewhere at, you know, dinner time.  Instead, my dad informed me they were already at the restaurant, wondering why I hadn't called them back.  Lucky for them, I don't mind eating dinner at 5:00.  We had a great meal at Rosa's, an Italian restaurant I haven't been to since high school.  Although the atmosphere isn't the coolest, the food was good.
  • We were able to spend a good amount of time with friends this weekend...as soon as I came out of my hide-out mode, that is.  Robby enjoyed a night with the guys playing poker, and then we had delicious meals on Sunday with the Allen's and the Gimlin's.  Seriously, the steak Ben cooked us is way up there with steak dinners for us!
  • Perhaps my favorite thing we did this week was to create this "string garden" under the pergola.  I'm going to post more about it with steps because I really think it's one that a lot of people would enjoy doing and having.  Here are just a couple of pictures for now.


  1. Oh barf! Hydrangeas for a buck? I spent $12 on each of mine and they are pretty much looking dead as door nails. I'm so bummed and now so jealous of your purchase!

  2. bahaha @ Kelly's comment! If you can get them to grow I'll just cut some blooms off of yours! Our die, too hot :(

  3. Have you ever heard of Watson's veggie garden?
    We should eat there for lunch sometime, Julie and I didn't get to make it. It's my favorite Visalia hideout and I haven't been in awhile.
    My treat!

    I love the crocheted bird mobile idea...I love collaboration!

  4. Wow, I love your string garden! I look forward to seeing it in person. You're so positive, Can. It's great to have this little window into your life. Love you!

  5. You should come visit me next month to help me decorate my house.

  6. String garden? Genious! I HAVE to find a place to make one. You are so creative, Can. I love it!


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