Walls of White

Two years ago, Robby and I found two little rose vines on clearance for $1.00 a piece.  He created a neat hanging trellis and planted them there, and I have no doubt they are the happiest thing in our yard.  This yard, the whole trellis--which covers an entire wall--is bursting with white roses.  Gorgeous!

Another amazing vine that has settled in quite nicely is this jasmine.  It winds around one of the pergola beams and is completely covered in white-pink star flowers.  Of course, the best part about a jasmine is the scent.  Nothing like it!


  1. SO JEALOUS that stuff grows by you!! it is still 50 degrees and raining here, so most of my flowers aren't brave enough to poke more than just a little bit above the dirt. i love jasmine and am hoping to plant some when we overhaul the deck/yard...until then i'll just enjoy your pictures :(.


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