NY Day 1 (and Anniversary #7!)

After driving to LA, parking, and waiting for hours and hours, we finally boarded our plane for our first ever red-eye flight. My grandiose ideas of "we'll just sleep the whole time and wake up and be there" were quickly squashed, and I understood it is called red-eye for a reason: no one really sleeps. We all tried, of course, but sitting straight up squished between two men (one whom I love; one I didn't know and whose feet kept crowding my space) equaled little sleep.

It didn't matter, though! Soon we had landed, boarded the NJ transit, jumped on the subway, and arrived at our apartment for the week! Woo-hoo!
Many modes of travel: car, bus, plane, train, and subway. Oh and feet! Lots of feet!
Our apartment for the week:

And since it happened to be our seventh anniversary (yes, this trip was planned around that), we got ourselves all prettied up and headed out for a night of food and fun!
The view from our bedroom window--love those buildings!
Our dinner plans continued to shift, but we finally decided to try this sushi place called Masa Bar, not to be confused with the main restaurant of Masa. Apparently, tacking on the word "Bar" cuts the menu prices in half.

I wish I could say this place was outstanding, but I just can't. So I won't. It was tasty but overpriced and underfilling. In other words, lots of money for little food. We had fun, though, and viewed it as our first course for the evening, enjoying the atmosphere and great look-out over Columbus Square.
After sushi, we enjoyed a delicious cupcake from the famous Crumb's Bake Shop. Was it ever good! We had the Dulce de Leche cupcake: chocolate cupcake, sweet vanilla frosting, swirls of fudge and caramel on top, and a caramel-cream filling. Yep, this made up for dinner quite nicely!
I laughed so hard at this picture because it looks like another man's giant hand is feeding Robby!
Following dessert, we went to The View, which is where we had our anniversary dinner two years ago. It--as the name says--provides an awesome view of the city and serves up some tasty food, as well!
Quite a helpful napkin!
And what's a first night to New York without a walk through Times Square? 
Our journey back to the apartment included a stroll through Bryant Park, which is lit up beautifully at night and which had a free viewing of an old Jimmy Stewart movie. Fun, right? We didn't stay long, but will be returning again soon!
I couldn't have asked for a more romantic and fabulous way to celebrate my seven wonderful years being to married my sweetie. Looking forward to many more fun moments throughout the week!


  1. Oh how FUN!!!!!!!! Love the pics and details. Can't wait to hear more.

  2. Super Fun! I was going to tell you to see the outdoor movies at Bryant Park! I'm glad you made it. Your weather looks nice. Don't forget the rooftop bar. Happy Anniversary!

  3. Talk about a mom who doesn't have much of a life without her children, that would be me. I can't wait for each days pics and interesting tidbits. It's like being on the trip w/ you two. I know you would probably rather share the photos w/ me than take me along with you. I take that back, Robby seems fine to have me taggin along.
    I loved the 9/11 Memorial, incredible! Love the pics of everything. Mom


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