Pinned It, Made It: Fabric Kindle Cover

In just a short time, we will be heading off to New York! Of course, when preparing for a trip, it is important to have plenty of good reads for traveling. Kindle to save the day! The only problem is the beautiful plum leather case that protects my Kindle has been getting damaged, and I can only imagine what will happen after a week of real traveling. It was time to finally tackle this project I pinned some time ago, and--as silly as it sounds--make a cover for my cover.
A couple hours of sewing, and I had this:

It really wasn't that hard, although I did have to do quite a bit of adjustments since the pinned item was for an iPad, not a Kindle. Interested in making this? Read on for the plan! (Note that the instructions below are what I should have done; you can see that my flap is a bit too short and the whole thing a bit too snug.)
You need:
--main fabric, 20x7 inches (originally I had 18x16.5 -- you can even make the flap longer by adding another inch or so to the long side)
--lining fabric, 20x7 inches
--batting, 20x7 inches
--small piece of velcro
--rotary map and cutter (not necessary, but extremely helpful)
1. Cut out all three pieces of fabric, so you have long strips. Layer them as follows: batting, lining right-side-up, main fabric right-side-down.

2. You now need to make your point. Do this by taking one end and marking the middle. Then on each side, measure four inches down and make a mark. Take your rule and draw a line from the top middle point to the side point you made. Cut. Do to the other side.
3. It's ready to sew, but before you do, sew on the soft side of your velcro. You want to sew this to the lining and batting only. Sew near the point, leaving about an inch from the bottom and sides if possible.
4. Now, sew around the entire thing, leaving a three inch opening at the bottom middle to flip.
5. Using the gap you left, turn it right side out. Press it well, then top-stitch around the entire thing. (Note: Next time, I'm going to top stitch only the envelope top because try as I may, I can never sew in the same place twice, which you have to do for this.)
4. Now, take your Kindle and do a little test run. Also, figure out where you want to put the other piece of velcro. Sew it.
5. Now, fold it over, pin it, and sew! You'll be sewing over your top-stitch if you did that.
"New York, here I come." --Kindle 


  1. Hey that's cool! Make me one!

  2. Those are harder to make than it would appear : ) I did one for my laptop. Getting all those layers together is a challenge. Well done! AND you did a tutorial which is time consuming, having to stop and think about each step. When you make Kelly's it will take a third the time : )

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