Pinned It, Made It: Pots de Creme

A week or so ago, I pinned this from The PioneerWoman:

What can I say? I have a weakness for chocolate. And whipped cream. And pretty much anything served up in a mason jar.
I tried it, and it was simply delicious, emphasis on the simply part. And when you tell someone you're serving Pots de Creme (pronounced Po de Krehm), you're already a star.

A rich, moussey, puddingy chocolate treat. And so so so easy. You basically blend up chocolate chips and eggs, add super hot coffee and any flavorings you like (vanilla, flavored liqueurs, etc.). Blend until very smooth, pour into serving dishes, let chill and firm (I found it was best after setting overnight), and top with homemade whipped cream. My only tip is that if you're not a die-hard dark chocolate chip lover, use use milk chocolate chips, or at least do half and half. The dark was really, really rich. It became even more heavenly by topping it with some homemade caramel.

The Pioneer Woman's Pots de Creme
Level of Difficulty: Easy, easy, easy!
Worth it? Yes, definitely! The only downside may be that it can be too rich, and some people may wince at using raw eggs. However, the whipped cream balances out the richness wonderfully, and PW does promise that the super hot acidic coffee cooks the eggs a bit.
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