Summer, Week 1 (Part 1)

My last day at school was Thursday, and I wasted no time kicking off my summer! Rob was headed to the coast with some pals for a weekend bachelor party (I know...they think they're all twenty still), so I made plans with the gals for a fun couple of nights.

Thursday night, my sisters came over for barbecued pizza (nope, that horse is not dead) and a viewing of Snow White and the Huntsman. (So good, by the way, and quite reminiscent of Twilight, which I'm always up for.)

Friday morning, Steph, Chels, and I headed to the coast for a night and enjoyed every second!

Our first stop was Avila Beach where we enjoyed sunshine and a lovely meal at the Old Custom House. We walked around the adorable town, perusing the cute shops. We just had to stop and take a picture when the air was filled with bubbles!
After enjoying Avila, we went to Morro Bay where we would be staying. That night was filled with things girls love--eating, reading magazines, watching movies, and laughing...a lot! Even though it was a bit chilly that night, the weather was gorgeous -- even the seals decided to come out and enjoy it! (See the little guy poking his head up in the picture below?)
I'm so thankful for great friends and great places to enjoy! Looking forward to many more fun times in the next few months!


  1. I'm obviously very jealous...but I am glad that you got to hang out with your friends while Rob was away ;-) It looked like a fun trip!

  2. ditto to what kelly said! we saw snow white on date night last week and although good, i think kristen steward could have done a much better job at snow white. i'm not a fan of hers though so i'm probably biased. :)


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