NY Day 5

Originally we had been concerned about the heat and humidity this week. We couldn't have imagined that we would be drenched by a crazy thunderstorm! Luckily, we found refuge in restaurants, shops, and a museum during (most of) the storm, and enjoyed a clear, cool stroll through Soho and Times Square late at night.

Lunch was another great meal at Ess-a-Bagel, a truly authentic bagel shop. We stayed just long enough to dry off a bit before heading to the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) for the afternoon.
The MoMA is pretty neat although I admit I don't really get truly contemporary modern art, which the main floor consisted of. We headed up the other floors, though, and were amazed by some of the paintings that are being exhibited. The most exciting was Van Gogh's "The Starry Night" and a collection of Monet's paintings. I also really enjoyed the architecture and design exhibits, such as the collection of modern chairs below.
Look! I'm in a Monet painting!
Another neat feature was the outdoor garden where we enjoyed fountains, beautiful birch trees, and sculptures.

The scenery around the museum also is quite stunning.
Soon, the rain came again, and this time it came with a vengeance! We were sopping wet by the time we returned to the apartment. A reprieve was coming, though, so we dried off and cleaned up and went to dinner.
Chelsea has commented that we have had pizza twice, and so I should say that our goal is to have it as much as we can! (Robby wants it everyday; I'm not sure if I can commit to that.) With so many amazing pizza places, it's hard to visit New York and not try all of these famous joints. Tonight we had Lombardi's Pizza, a restaurant that claims to be America's first pizzeria. It is located in Little Italy, which is part of (next to?) SoHo, a super fun area with lots of trendy shops and restaurants.
After dinner we had to take advantage of the clear weather and went back to Times Square, which was still a-bustling at midnight! We had a laugh getting our picture taken at the Starbucks in Times Square since it is displayed right there in the shop. That's right--we saw ourselves on the big screen tonight!
See? That's us! On the screen for all to see!
In spite of the heat, humidity, and rain, we are still having a fantastic time. Tomorrow's forecast is much cooler and clearer, so Brooklyn Bridge is on the agenda!


  1. I can't believe all of the rain you caught in that picture. It must have really been coming down, since it is "hard" to capture rain on camera. By the way, I like all of this "hair on the side" styles you have been sporting. You two look so cute in all of your pictures. Rob sent us the picture of the Roxy last night, I can't believe there isn't a picture of your guys sharing a delicious sandwich ;-)

  2. Still having fun! I received a tip once about the Bridge - walk from the bridge to NY that way you get the best views. Will you have another stop at the Brooklyn Flea?


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