NY Day 8

Our last real day in New York was hit with another thunderstorm, so once again we had to stay indoors a bit. Luckily good food is found indoors. We learned that if you want to eat at a fine steakhouse in New York, the way to do it is to join them for their lunch menu. Many of them offer a beautiful three-course lunch at a fraction of their price. We ate at the Porter House in Columbus Circle and had the three-course "Park View Lunch": salad and bread, steak and mashed potatoes, and a dessert--for $24. Delicious! That is the deal of the week, we believe.
 I was impressed with the bathroom mirror: that is a television screen in the middle!
The storm really kicked in after lunch!
We found refuge in an H&M for awhile, and once the rain subsided, we made it back to our apartment to dry off and head out again. This time it was back to the East Village, near Little Italy, where we enjoyed Italian food one last time at Numero 28. I went with a real Italian dish instead of pizza, but you can bet Rob stuck with his local favorite, though he did scale it down in size.
For our last night in New York, I wanted to check out one of the many rooftop lounges. It had stopped raining, so we headed over to The Strand, a modern hotel right in the heart of the fashion district. This is a perfect example of something looking and sounding really fantastic online, then turning out to be skeezy and shady. We braved the uninviting street and took the elevator up to the rooftop since the hotel itself did look nice. The scene there was strange: oddly dimmed lighting, unfamiliar music, an obscured view, and a whole slew of misfits. Robby and I looked at each other and quickly hopped right back in to the elevator and on out. Our last hoorah would have to be the tried and true View in Times Square, which actually was quite fitting: this was how we began the week.
It was fantastic enjoying a beautiful view of the city on our last night this week. And though we are a bit sad our time here is over, we don't plan on this being our last night in New York ever--there is still so much more to see! Another trip will have to happen again in our lives.


  1. What a great trip! I can't wait to hear more about it when you come back. I cracked up at the picture of your under the umbrella with your scarf over your head: you look like me at church! hahaha.

  2. That steak looks so delicious! Robby looks handsome in his white shirt too. Welcome back!

  3. What an incredible vacation! I can't belive how much you guys were able to do in just 8 days. Looking forward to seeing a photo montage/collage of Rob's pizzas.


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