NY Day 2

Yesterday was our first full day in New York, and we filled it up from morning-ish (Rob and I aren't exactly early risers) til late night.

Our first major stop of the day was Nick's Pizza in the upper-east side. Chelsea brought us there our first night two years ago, and we hadn't forgotten it. Two years later, we were not disappointed as we enjoyed another one of Nick's perfectly charred crust, white mozzarella, tiny salty pepperoni pieces, and fresh basil pizzas.
A few blocks away from Nick's is the East River, so we hopped on over to get a view. Not the cleanest water, but still cool.
We moved on to Rockefeller Center where we were hoping to see Tina Fey or Alec Baldwin but sadly did not. We thoroughly enjoyed walking through the NBC Experience Store, though! All our favorite shows in one place, which made it hard not to buy a t-shirt at every corner. I forced myself to pass up a "TGS Staff" sweatshirt just like the one Liz Lemon wears, but I may be going back for it.

Just across the street from 30 Rock is Bouchon Bakery with its famous macaroons. We tried two of them, as well as a brownie bite that was just heavenly. I can't imagine having more than a bite at a time, though--those things are rich! Another fun thing about the bakery was its adorable bee and trees (all made out of fondant and cookies!) window display.
We took a walk down Fifth Avenue, then realized we better clean up (and rest up a bit!) before going to the baseball game! We took the subway all the way to 161st street to Yankee Stadium. The game was so fun. Our seats were pretty high up, but I didn't mind--it was amazing seeing the whole stadium and the huge crowd. The stadium holds over 53,000 people, and last night there were about 42,000 there. Crazy, right? What's really nuts is the four guys sitting right next to us won some drawing and were moved up to premium ground-level seats. Can you believe that? We missed it by one!
We had to try the cheese fries, which were pretty tasty. Plus, you got to eat them with little red forks, which made it all the better.
(FYI the Yankees lost to the Braves, 3-4.)
After the game, we braved the crowded subway and headed back to Bryant Park for awhile and then Rockefeller Center again, which gives a whole different feel at night. By this point, our feet were pretty tired and needed a rest, so we decided to call it a day--a truly fantastic New York day.
On to the next adventures!


  1. ugggghhhh...i've never been to NYC and this makes me want to go!!!

  2. You two eat a lot!! Looks like so much fun though. Looking forward to another post. :)

  3. Wow Can, you are baseball-ing it up! First the Giants, now Yankees. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen the pictures.
    And Marisa, NYC is THE best place to visit in the US if you are from California. I can't wait to go back myself.


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