NY Day 4

If you type in "pizza in New York" to Zagat's online search, you get 318 results, so we're sticking to eating from these highly rated pizza stops. Yesterday we tried Waldy's Wood Fired Pizza for lunch, and it was quite tasty--a thinner, crispier crust served up rectangle-ish style. There was a small herb garden where you snipped your own extra herbs, which was a fun touch.
It was hot yesterday, so we spent the next couple of hours in a cool fashion hitting the nine levels of shopping at Macy's, the largest shop in the world. I spent most of my time on the shoe floor (yes...shoe floor), but came out with nothing. It was an invigorating experience, though. Because there are so many people there and so many sales associates, everything is done electronically. When I asked for a size, the associate checked for it on his little hand-held computer-thing, typed in my name, and printed off a tag which he used to go and find my desired item. No memorizing necessary!
This Macy's also houses a nice in-store Starbuck's, which was the perfect resting point. This also served as one of the many Starbuck's stops yesterday. As I said, it was a hot one!
Once we were thoroughly cooled, we decided to get brave and do some walking. I wanted to see Greenwich Village again because of it being an old home to many starving writers. Also, one of my favorite short stories is "The Last Leaf" by O. Henry, which is set here. We walked around the beautiful brick structures, then made our way over to the High Line near the Meatpacking District.
The High Line is awesome! Once a freight rail line, it was used to transport meat to the Meatpacking district, as well as other freight to the lower west-side from the 1930's to 1980. In 2009, it opened as a beautiful park that runs from Gansevoort Street to W 34th Street, nearly a mile and a half long. It is full of lovely trees, flowers, and amazing architecture pieces such as hand-crafted benches and Adirondack loungers, water features, small theater-like looking points, and more. It gives an amazing view of both the Hudson and the lower West side.
After walking up and back on the High Line, we were hungry, so we followed the crowds and the music and ate at a Mexican restaurant called Dos Caminos. Across the street at Chelsea Triangle salsa dancing was taking place, so we had the perfect ambiance to enjoy house-made chips and guacamole before our delicious dinner of tacos, rice, and beans.
The sun had set, and it was still hot! We did a quick grocery store run and had a peek at Union Square, then went back home to cool off. Another warm day today with (yuck) hot thunderstorm showers a-comin'!


  1. The meatpacking trip looked really cool. It's probably not something I would have had on my list to do, but it would be now!


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