Yesterday was my first official day of summer vacation and Phase 5.5, as Kelly has appropriately named this new part of my life. It was a wonderful day. I cleaned my house (it had been awhile with all of the craziness going on), took a nap, went to a used bookstore and bought C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy (more on that to come), went out to dinner with the Gimlin's, and made chocolate chip cookies to eat while Steph and I watched Twilight. Now, it is Day 2, and my house is clean, so I plan on spending my morning at the Farmer's Market, buying what my mom has just called the best spread they have had yet. I can't wait to see what goodies I will find!


  1. BTW: Although I am touched that you use my term for this phase of your life, I think you are still missing the point. This was not day 2 of your summer vacation! You aren't a teacher anymore. This is the rest of your life!


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