DIYs: Housewarming

Today, I am headed off to San Diego to visit John, Kelly, and Anna in their new condo. I am so excited to see them (and see Eclipse with Kelly on Wednesday), and I'm also excited to give Kelly some home-made house-warming gifts.

After the success with my felt flower pillow embellishments, I couldn't wait for another time to give them a try. Since Kelly had said her daughter's room was in want of a pink pillow, this was my opportunity. I sewed a simple pink pillow (seriously, a square sewn together...thanks for fixing the sewing machine, Debbie!) and made white felt flowers with button centers. So cute!

The next project was hardly DIY at all since all I did was make cards with the names of herbs I planted in pots. Still, it turned out cute. I figure if anyone can grow herbs from seed, it has to be Kelly in her beautiful San Diego weather. (When I attempted, any growth I had was killed in the frost or destroyed in the heat.) By the way, Visalia weather today: 104. San Diego: 69.

Hope she likes her gifties! (I'm making sure this posts after I know I'll be in SD.)


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