This past week, I received the most precious gift from a student. It is a hand-made garden stone. It has found a happy home in our backyard by our magnolia tree, a dahlia (a gift from Debbie), and a pink cosmo.
Green Acres also gifted me with a beautiful potted rose. This too will find a place in our backyard somewhere, although I'm not quite sure where yet. The neat thing about this rose is it remains small and will only grow to about 1 by 1 feet. It probably will take one of the pots under the pergala. These will by nice memories of teaching, and Green Acres in particular.

By the way, this morning I woke up to a thought: "I have to get ready for school. [Groan]." This was immediately followed by a new thought: "Wait, I don't have to go to school ever again!"


  1. Two blogs in two days, I love this no teaching thing. Call me when you get a chance.


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