Operation Hummingbird

Sunday morning, we received a nice surprise. As I was heading into the kitchen, I saw Calla had a little critter in her paws. At first I thought it was a mouse, so I screamed (of course). And then I screamed more when the "mouse" flew up into the ceiling. It was no mouse at all; it was a hummingbird.

Luckily, the little thing was just fine, although scared to death. We had a problem on our hands, however. Hummingbirds are not easily persuaded to leave houses. Instead of it flying out the open doors, it flew right up to our little set of dogwood branches on top of our cabinets! We couldn't help ourselves and had to snatch a photo of the little bird in our house.

Robby finally became the bird whisperer and coaxed it out using the very branches the bird clung to for safety. Calla, I believe, will be wearing a bell soon, and in the meantime has been forced to stay inside more.


  1. Oh my gosh! She must've been frustrated that we wouldn't let her catch that bird the other night, so she went for one of your favorites! How in the world did she catch it?! She must've been fast!

  2. You're so lucky! I want a hummingbird of my own!


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