New York, Day 1

Our morning began around 9:00, which was earlier than I thought we'd be rising (due to the three hour time difference). After a bowl of cereal and some orange juice, we set off for Day 1 in New York. We had plans to meet Chelsea for lunch, but had a little time, so along the way we stopped at Grand Central Station, Bryant Park, and Times Square. We had lunch at a great Chinese place called Ginger House. Although the waitress looked at me blankly when I ordered chow mien (is this only a California thing?), the lo mien she brought me was delicious.

After lunch, Robby and I walked through Chelsea (the neighborhood) and went to the Meatpacking District, which is the lower west side of Manhattan. It is indeed a meat district, but it is quite beautiful with amazing buildings and art. One neat feature is that there is an old railroad that has been turned into an upper level garden walk called the High Line. The gardens were (in my opinion) nearly as beautiful as those at the Getty with lovely grasses and stunning flowers.

At Bryant Park, on our way to meet Chelsea
In front of the Hudson River A view from the High Line
After our relaxing walk on the High Line, we took the subway to Greenwich Village. This is a great artsy community that is now very upscale but once upon time was home to many struggling artists. I always think of the short story "The Last Leaf" by O. Henry, which is set in Greenwich. The streets are lined with trees and gardens, and designer stores and quaint cafes run along the main streets. We found a cute pastry shop and enjoyed a piece of cheesecake and tiramisu. I'd like to say it was great, but the truth is it wasn't. We will have to find a good place to eat in Greenwich before we leave to redeem it.

From there, we headed toward Chelsea's work again since it was getting close to quitting time for her. After some walking and perusing in a mall to kill time (it wasn't much to see), we finally ended up at the famous Macy's. It was huge! Seven stories tall, and two buildings wide. An entire floor was dedicated to purses alone! We didn't stay long and, after reuniting with Chelsea, we went to a great hamburger place that Chels picked out. So tasty!
After dinner, we enjoyed perhaps my favorite part of the day: Central Park. I have never experienced this, never even realized how large and beautiful it is. We barely scratched the surface on this park and will definitely make a trip (or two or three) back this week.
Once we were rested from our time in Central Park, we started on our way back. Chelsea said good-bye to us and went back to her home, and Robby and I continued our evening with a stroll down 5th Avenue (so cool!). We enjoyed a stop at Rockefeller Center and watched a glowing fountain, then continued our walk in awe at the beautiful buildings.
After a very long day, we are back at our apartment, nursing our tired feet and my sore knees, but thrilled with how great things are going. Can't wait for Day 2!


  1. What a day! You guys did so much. Candace, you look sooooooo beautiful in that sepia picture in front of Macy's.


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