Best in Show

I am back, as you know, and have spent much of my morning doing two things: laundry and posting. For my final New York post, I thought I'd share the winners in the categories. (Oh you didn't know there was a competition going on? Indeed there was!) Judges, if I mis-scored any of these, or if I left out an important category, please let me know via the comments.

Best Food: DiFara's Pizza won this award, by far, with the Meatball Place up for second, and the Thai place a close third. Robby really loved his Venezualan food, but it scored low with Chelsea and me.

Best Performance: The Lion King! (Does it matter we only went to one show?) We were absolutely amazed with the whole production. Outstanding!

Best Walking Event: Brooklyn Bridge, from Brooklyn to Manhattan, took this category, but it was followed closely for me by the High Line

Best Dessert: Carrot Cake, at Tazza's, the Reese's Cupcake from Crumb's, and the chocolate cake in the west-side cafe all scored high on this, although a final decision just couldn't be made without tasting them all again.

Best View: The View Restaurant, but we can't completely judge this honestly because we never made it to the Empire State building or Top of the Rock (that will have to be for next time).

Best Neighborhood: We were split on this one, but I think the upper East side had the most votes. (Who wouldn't want to live there, afterall?) My favorites were Greenwich and Riverside Park area.

Best Shopping: Soho won this category, as far as the environment and the amount of shopping available; however, we all loved the outdoor Brooklyn Flea, so that needs to get an award of some kind.

Best Park: Central Park, for its sheer size and beauty, takes this award, although Riverside Park deserves an honorable mention.

Best Street (or Subway) Performer: the Japanese opera singer

Best Exercise Event: bike-riding at Central Park, especially the uphill parts

"Bang for Your Buck" Award: Stanton Island Ferry - a free view of the skyline, the Statue of Liberty, and the Brooklyn Bridge

Although New York won many awards, it is good to be back!


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