New York, Day 5

Today, we ventured out of Manhattan and went to Brooklyn, which has become Chelsea's home for awhile. To begin, we had to try out two famous New York food items: the Dunkin Donuts coffee (yes, they treat it as if it is a morning necessity) and DiFara's pizza. Can you guess which one was outstanding?? The pizza, of course! We couldn't believe how pizza could be so good! The DD coffee I could easily do without, but when in Rome...

The area where the pizza place was located was very interesting because it had a community of orthodox Hasidic Jews. We were intrigued to see the many different community pockets throughout Brooklyn. Very neat! After the pizza, we took a long detour (that has to happen at least once, right?) and finally ended up where we thought a flea market was taking place. Indeed there had been a flea market...a whole twenty-four hours before. Luckily, the real Brooklyn Flea was going on just a few stops away, so we headed there, and was it worth it! The market consisted of antiques, furniture, clothing, jewelry, food, drinks, and so much more. We had a wonderful time walking around and perusing, and even bought a few items here and there, including a dainty monogram necklace for me from Robby.

Once we were thoroughly worn out from flea-ing, we went separate ways again and made plans to meet later in the evening at the Minskoff Theatre for...The Lion King. What a spectacular show it was! The costumes, dancing, and music were absolutely beautiful. We all were especially impressed by the woman who played Nala. Her voice was oustanding. After the musical, we made a short walk through Times Square, then said good-night for the evening. What an incredible day!

Tomorrow is our last day together. Monday morning the girls fly out, and we leave at 5:00 later that evening. We're still deciding how to spend our last day in NY, but no matter what we do, we all agree that this has been a fantastic week.


  1. Candace, you look so stunning in all these pictures. :) You have great style!

  2. I agree about the style comment...your whole family totally fits into the NYC style! :) We went to DiFara's in Brooklyn too and loved it!! Yum.


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