New York, Day 6

This morning Robby and I woke up to music playing outside the apartment. We thought a neighbor was just playing loudly until we walked outside and saw a 10 block street market taking place. What a fun surprise! What was not so fun, however, was the oppressive humidity. Yuck. We opted for fresh crepes at one of the stands instead of our usual Starbuck's and walked to Bryant Park to enjoy it, the shady area making the heat not quite so bad. Strawberries, bananas, and nutella...yum!

After breakfast, we caught the subway and went to yet another flea market in Brooklyn. This one was indoor, located inside a bank in Brooklyn, and it was another neat find. Chelsea, Carly, and Camille met us there, and we had a nice time walking around in the cool and humidity-free two-story market.

After our flea-marketing, we found a great Thai place for lunch. It was fantastic, and it was fun because it was Carly and Camille's introduction to Thai food. They loved it all.

The best thing about the Thai food was we still had a little room in our tummies to grab a dessert. We went to a place called Tazza's, which we had been looking for but stumbled across by accident. We all enjoyed a piece of carrot cake, a vanilla cupcake, and a grasshopper (mint and chocolate bar). The carrot cake definitely won. It was delicious, although Robby enjoyed his grasshopper very much, too.

After filling up on yummy Thai food and desserts, it was time to do our exercise...walk the Brooklyn Bridge! We had been looking forward to this all week, and Chelsea made sure we started on the Brooklyn side, so we could see the Manhattan skyline the whole time. What an amazing walk. The humidity had lifted some, and clouds in the sky blocked out the sun, so the weather was actually quite nice. We had a great time walking, talking, and ooh-ing over the views.

We had a little bit of time to stop by our apartment (and check out the street market once more) before going to church. Robby's friend had once told us about a church called Redeemer Presbyterian, so we were excited to try it. We definitely were not disappointed. The music was jazz style, but was so neat and simple. Tim Keller is the head pastor, and his message was appropriate and convicting. It felt like we were having a conversation with him, his speaking style being so comfortable and calm, as he talked to the congregation about finances in light of the Gospel. You can check out the website and listen to sermons here.

After church, we took our final walk as the five of us in New York City. We first stumbled across a huge three story candy store called Dylan's. Robby and Camille, especially, were thrilled by this, being the true candy-lovers in the family. Camille had been on the hunt for a really good cupcake all week, and this one did not disappoint. We all shared a red velvet and a Reese's cupcake. Amazing! But be warned: one bite of these rich cupcakes is quite enough.

We continued our walk, grabbed a real dinner at a Greek diner (very tasty), strolled down Fifth Avenue, and ended up at Rockefeller Center, where we sat down and had a wonderful time talking and laughing.

No matter how much we wanted it to last, it soon came time to say goodnight, and good-bye. Camille leaves for home early tomorrow morning, and Carly actually will be staying in New York with Chelsea and working with her, an absolutely fantastic opportunity she has taken. Robby and I will have a few hours left tomorrow and then will bid New York adieu as well, taking off around 5:00 tomorrow evening.

This has been an incredible week. Not many people get to spend seven whole days in New York City, and even less get to do so with their husband and siblings. I know this will be something we remember our entire lives.

Thanks for following us this week! See you tomorrow, California!


  1. I can't wait to see what you got me while "flea-ing". haha

  2. wow your trip sounds amazing!! and super jealous - you got to go to redeemer! isn't tim keller awesome? great job detailing your days :)

  3. Can I am so jealous of your trip and the memories you guys made!! :) LOVE IT!


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