Hello from New York!

Surprise! I was not sure if I would have access to a computer and internet in New York, but here I am writing my blog. It seems the dear woman from whom we're renting this apartment has provided for all of our needs, internet included. So, it is my goal to write a daily update of our travels here.

We began our day flying out of LA around 8:30 this morning and arrived into New York around 5:15, NY time. Besides a few unexpected and unwelcomed fees ($50 to check our bags, $6 for a lame airplane breakfast), the trip was very smooth with hardly any turbulance. Yay! After a taxi ride from the airport into Manhattan ($45 flat fee, fyi), we came to our little apartment. It is exactly what I would expect a little Manhattan apartment to be, a cozy one bedroom with a sunny yellow entryway, framed modern art, a hodgepodge of collections, and books upon books. It seems the woman who lives here is quite an avid reader and possibly a musician, as well -- I quickly noticed a digital piano and songwriting software on her shelf. We have nice views of tall buildings from our eleventh floor corner room.

Soon after arriving, we had our first visitor: Chelsea! She is part of the reason why we chose New York to be our anniversary celebration location. We went on a little journey to find a yummy pizza place, which did not disappoint, and ended up walking over to the East River where we said hello to New Jersey. As we were leaving, I saw out of the corner of my eye a tiny flash of green. It was a firefly! We saw a few of them dance around, the first fireflies we've ever seen. It's so nice having Chelsea here to be our tour guide. We already have gotten our subway passes and made our trip to the grocery store, so she's helped us settle in very quickly.

It was a successul arrival day, and we look forward to a full day here tomorrow. Until tomorrow night, then...


  1. AHHHH! That is so cool Can! I love it. I can't wait to hear more.

  2. Hope you have a fantastic visit!

  3. Robby eating, how classic. How did you find this apartment that you are staying at? It's adorable!!

  4. Thanks for the best wishes! Andrea, we found the apartment through Craiglist. Chels actually found it for us. It was a great way to go, but beware! There are many rental scams in New York. For us, though, it worked out great, and it saved us quite a bit of money.


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