Flowers A-Z: Baby P's

There are no Q plants in our yard.  The only Q words that are even coming to mind are "quaffle" and "quidditch" -- can you guess which movie I'm looking forward to?

As I was walking around the yard, though, I realized I have some baby P's, new little growths I forgot to include yesterday!

P is for...

Well, bell pepper.  I do have true chili peppers growing, but nothing has appeared yet.  I was so excited when I looked at my bell pepper today and saw this little guy!  It is really only about an inch, but one day it will provide a wonderful addition to fajitas!

Yep, it is May, and I'm already thinking about beautiful fall pumpkins.  I planted these pumpkin seeds a couple of weeks ago (probably a bit early), and two days ago, this had popped up!  If this makes it, it is going to be white lumina pumpkins.  (Why does that make me think of Harry Potter, too?)

Parsley is not an herb I often want to buy, so I hoped I could get a bit growing on my own.  This is still small, only a few inches tall, but it sure looks and tastes like parsley!

I learned about growing "pots of potatoes" from Debbie and currently have two!  (Personally, I like to call them tater pots.)  It's pretty neat how this works.  You get a large pot -- I am using a large one that a tree came in -- fill it with a couple of inches of dirt/soil, and bury your sprouting taters.  As they grow stems and leaves, you continue to fill your pot with dirt so that the top of the taters are sticking out. I have been doing this for a couple of months, and my pot is now completely full of dirt with the leaves sticking out.  This little guy ended up in this pot accidentally.  Now he's hanging out with the bell pepper.  Below is a picture of my big tater pot, which was doing great until recently when the leaves fried a bit.  Hopefully that won't affect the little red potatoes I'm supposed to get!

(By the way, I realize that many of the plants I list are not flowers, but Flowers A-Z sounded better than "Anything Growing In My Yard A-Z.")


  1. Yes, that is a tiny pepper. But seriously, mine was like that one day and then the giant you see on my post the next. Although we seem to have the ideal climate, I couldn't manage the tater pot myself. I am not sure what went wrong. I will try again though soon. As with all of these posts, I can't believe how many plants you do have. How long as it been since I've been to your house???

  2. Dittos on the pepper comment from Kelly.

    The quaffle and quiddich reference reminds me of my favorite line from 30 Rock from Toofer to Jack!!

    Also, Anna and I make frequent use of the "Calla" label for your blogs. I have one request, however. Could you add the "Calla" label to your post about your recent stay in San Diego that includes a picture of Calla? :-) I've never made so much use of blog labels before!

    Hope all is well in Visalia, send our best to R-BRT as well.


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