Flowers A-Z: L is for...

...Love-in-a-Mist (Nigella)
These annuals came from Debbie, and they are one of the few things that nearly got out of control in our yard.  It seems every seed we planted came up, and apparently they will just keep seeding all throughout their growing season.  I really enjoy these plants, though.  They have full, spiny-ish foliage and pretty bright blue star flowers.  The above picture doesn't quite capture how blue they first are when they open, but they truly are a sight with the touches of green.

I love lavender, but sadly, it doesn't love Robby, so we've had to limit it in our yard.  We did put on small plant in a pot, and I get to enjoy its pretty purple flowers and scent in the spring.  Already the purple is fading, but it still is lovely.  They are of course evergreens, which is nice, and will grow and grow if you let them.

These are Asiatic Lilies, a bulb that just keeps coming back for us, even though at one point I was sick of them and chopped them all off.  They are spring bloomers and like sun, though similar to many other flowers, they can get a bit fried if it's too hot and sunny.

We saw these at a nursery last year and thought they looked like baby snap dragons.  When we went home, we found out that is a nickname they have!  They come in lots of colors, but ours have settled to be a pale creamy yellow and a bluish purple.


  1. Did your linaria reseed? I have never gotten them to do that for me! Maybe this year?


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