Flowers A-Z: R is for...

There are different types of rosemary, but this is the small culinary type.  Rosemary produces pretty blue flowers in the summary but mine has yet to do that, and I fear never will.  I'm quite pleased with this herb nonetheless.  I love its smell, both fresh and dried, and love its piney look.


What would an "R" post be without roses?  I've shared that although I'm not a huge rose bush fan, I have come to appreciate these that have found a home in our yard.  The mounding red roses are nice as long as they are kept small.  Two iceberg roses (no picture...they look terrible right now) are low maintenance and pretty, as well, and of course the great wall of roses is hard to beat!  We also have a small lavender rose that was Robby's when he was little (yes...he seriously asked for a rose bush), but we've only gotten a few small blooms.  Hopefully it'll grow.

Redbuds are pretty spectacular trees, if you can handle their slow-growing nature.  In the spring bright purple blooms come out before the leaves and completely cover the branches.  It's stunning!  Then, sweet little heart-shaped leaves come out and flutter around during the summer and fall.

R is also for Robby, who makes this garden grow.  Here he is tending the redbud.  Calla saw that he was the perfect spot to have a look herself, so she hopped on.


  1. I love the picture of Robby. I am so impressed with all your plants and flowers. As usual you are inspiring me. We have some roses and grape vines in our back yard, but I am now thinking about growing some potted plants. We'll see! I may need lots of advice.

  2. Um...Rob, I think there's something on your back. I'm not sure, but maybe...

  3. Haha, John. Yeah I'm not sure what it is... Have you ever seen the Golden Compass?


  4. Ha! Totally...Calla is your "daemon"


  5. love the picture of robby! that is too funny :). i too am impressed with your yard...want to come overhaul mine? ;)


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