Tidbits Tuesday

1.  First off, there is a layer (we're talking 1/2 inch here) of liquid laundry detergent sitting behind the washing machine, and I cannot get to it!!!  My washing machine gets a little crazy when it's on this certain cycle, and I had just bought--JUST bought, as in today, three hours ago--a brand new container of liquid detergent.  I had placed it on top of the washing machine, and during the psycho cycle, the detergent hopped right off and broke.  An entire container of detergent spilled all over the laundry floor, and I can't even get to half of it because it is behind and under the washing machine!  Ahhh!!!  I'm just waiting for Robby to get home, so he can move the two ton machine for me.  This is killing me.

2. Okay, moving on...  Congratulations and blessings to Camille who graduated from Fresno State on Saturday with her degree in Psychology.  She is currently in San Francisco with Chels, where she will be working this summer, and will begin her Master's degree at Fresno Pacific this fall.  My baby sis is all growed up!
Woo woo!  Celebrating at Bobby Salazar's after the big grad!
All packed and ready to go
2.  I am still in recovery mode from our busy weekend and busy past weeks.  That, along with being incredibly sore and tired from using up our freebie personal training session yesterday, equals one worn out girl whose week already is packed!  Looking forward to Friday, a nice day off with my hub, and his extra day off Monday!

4.  The college students came over for pizza and strawberry shortcake last night, and then all of us headed to the bowling alley for some good old fashioned fun.  I actually got a strike!  I don't think that has ever happened.  Granted, my total score was under 70, but still.
Strike a pose!  (Get it??  Strike a pose!)  
Doesn't Robby look professional?  I think the bowling alley should buy this photo from me and hang it up.
5.  Okay, I tried to keep my mind off of the spilled detergent, but I can't.  I need to go and see what I can do about it right now.  Happy Tuesday, all!


  1. Bowling. So much fun! I remember, one time, Rob didn't have any socks...but, I'll leave it to him to describe how he got around that, or didn't. Also, having bowled with Rob I can confidently say that he not only looks professional, but "rolls" quite professionally as well.

  2. ah...yikes about your detergent!! i hate it when stuff like that happens!!! did you get it cleaned up?


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