Tidbits Tuesday

1.  We had a spontaneously busy and fun Memorial Day weekend.  My mom, Camille, Robby and I decided on Friday that we would check out the Strawberry Festival in Arroyo Grande the next day.  My uncles were playing music there, and a lot of our family was there for my cousin Matt's 30th birthday.  It was a great time to see family, eat good food, and enjoy the beautiful weather.  On Monday, we headed to the park with friends and enjoyed an impromptu picnic time.  Later that evening, we had a barbecue with the Gimlin's.  (More on our Memorial Day weekend fun later!)
Uncle Robin and Uncle Dugie playing at the Strawberry Festival.
Our Memorial Day feast!
2.  I have a tomato!  It started turning pink last week, and this morning I picked it.  Isn't it just the cutest cherry tomato you have ever seen?

3.  No doubt you all were in suspense wondering how the detergent disaster turned out.  Let me just say it was worse than I thought.  There is no way I would have been able to blog had I known what I was dealing with!  Liquid detergent was everywhere, covering a space of about three feet deep and five feet wide and about 1/2 inch thick, most of it being under the washer and dryer.  Robby came home and somehow he managed to move those things so we could maneuver around them and wipe up (perhaps scoop is a better word) the detergent.  It took about two hours, though, so it was no easy task.  I suppose the only consolation (besides being reminded of my heroic husband) is the fact that it is very clean under my washer and dryer right now.

4.  I completed Flowers A-Z and nearly inventoried every plant we have.  I say nearly because somehow a few managed not to get on the list, either because I forgot about them or because they weren't in our yard, yet.  I'll have to continue to add to the list throughout the year.  Also, I plan on buying plants that begin with Q, U, and Y, so my alphabet is complete.  Any suggestions?  

5.  I spent a good couple of hours this week going through my clothes, shoes, and jewelry, and along with a bunch of stuff my sisters gave me, I have quite the pile.  Right now, our craftroom is practically a boutique, ready for the picking!  If anyone wants to come and check out what I have before I haul it off to Goodwill, please do!!!

6.  Last I just have to mention the fabulous weather we are having.  Thinking about visiting Visalia?  Now is the time!  70's this week!  Beautiful!!!  


  1. Ha! I like that you picked the pointing picture out of all of them! Rob should feel good about that :)

  2. Cute tomato! our bushes are totally out of control. We really only should have bought two, rather than four. I think we will be able to supply the neighborhood all summer!


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