Flowers A-Z: N is for...

We love this little shrubby plant.  It makes these beautiful blue with yellow center flowers and has been a great burst of color.  It is sold as an annual, but we're hoping it'll actually stick around.  We'll see!

We have two different types of Nandina, the "heavenly bamboo" pictured above, and also a dwarf fire-power, which really is quite ugly in our yard.  Robby pointed out that our yard has the uncanny ability to actually shrink plants.  The nandina are easy plants to care for and just have amazing color!  They turn bright red in the fall, but keep a red and green thing going all year.  The one above also makes bright red berries, so that's a plus.


  1. HI Can, You'll have to bring me some of that heavenly bamboo when you visit again. I want to plant it where I used to have the hydrangeas.


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