Flowers A-Z: V is for Vine

Boston Ivy
This vine is a great climber and because it's isn't an evergreen, it turns a pretty red in the fall and then dies back a little.  This actually is a nice characteristic and helps to keep it a more manageable size, although this corner still is getting a bit out of control.

Creeping Fig
Another great creeper, and perhaps even a bit "stickier" than the ivy, this one is nice because it is an evergreen.  When everything else is dormant in the winter, this guy is still nice and green.

Hardenbergia (Australian Lilac)
New to us this year, courtesy of Lowe's clearance section, is this hardenbergia.  I only know what I have read about this particular twining vine, but I am looking forward to its evergreen value and lovely purple blooms next spring.  Also, once it is established, it should be a really low maintenance plant, which is always welcome in our high maintenance yard!

I already shared about this plant, but it is a great vine if you can get it to grow and be happy.  We've attempted these more than any other thing because we LOVE them, but the only two that have made it are the ones shielded on the side of the house.  We are getting brave (or forgetful) and wanting to try one more one more time near the new planter boxes.  We'll see!


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