Flowers A-Z: O is for...

...Osteospermum (which I already included in A's, for African Daisy)

I am excited about this because I grew it from seed!  Granted, it's only about two inches tall (oh the grand trickery of taking close-up pictures with my camera), but it indeed smells and looks like oregano.  Oregano of course is an herb used in all kinds of cooking, but especially in Mexican and Italian dishes.

I also grew these from "sets" (tiny baby onions), so I have a lot of pride in these, as well.  One day, they are supposed to mature into real onions, but as I couldn't wait and pulled one up last week, it seems that one day may take a long time.  Right now, their white portion simply looks like the bulb on a green onion, so practically non-existent.


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