Tidbits Tuesday

  • First, the big news is that every single person we knew who was pregnant had a baby within the last week.  Of course, the closest to me is Kelly!  They finally welcomed their baby boy into this world, so check out her post to meet Nicholas.  The day she had him I went out and finished choosing (with Robby's help) and buying the fabric I plan on using to make his quilt.  I love it!  Besides buying the fabric, though, Project Quilt has been postponed until summer.  Here's a little sneak peak:
A little preview!  Aren't these so adorable?
  • My piano students and I had our first recital this past Friday.  It went great!  My five students each performed a few songs for the friends and family and then after, we shared some treats and refreshments together. 
  • Robby and I are official members of the gym!  This is a big step for us.  Our last gym fad existed because John and Kelly let us mooch off of their guest privileges, and once we moved and no longer had them as motivation, working out just went out the door.  We are committing to getting healthy, though!  And sad to say, even if getting healthy isn't a motivation for me, not wasting money is.  We've committed to three years (gasp!!!), so not working out isn't an option.
  • I am busy busy busy working on the music and the talk I am doing for the Purely Divine Boutique this Saturday.  You can still buy tickets from me if you're interested in coming!  You can get all your gift shopping for the year completed in one day!
  • This isn't about me at all, but I just think it's so amazing I want to share it!  Stephanie Sario (Steph's Stitches and Such) won a crochet contest, and you really must check out the info.  Be sure and click on the actual link to see how many thousands (yep...thousands) of people have viewed and downloaded her pattern.  By the way, this talented girl will be at the aforementioned boutique.
  • Also not about me: my littlest sister Camille graduates from Fresno State this weekend and will be attending Fresno Pacific in the fall as she pursues her Masters degree in Psychology.  We're all proud of her and totally forgive her in advance for analyzing us in the years to come.
And there you have it - a few tidbits for my Tuesday, which is nearly over.


  1. Hey Can. I love the fabric you picked out for Nick. I am also so proud of you and your student's piano recital. Way to be a great teacher! And Congratulations to Camile!

  2. Cute Fabric!! That will be a fun quilt!

  3. Really good choices for the quilt! Very sophisticated color blend. You have a good eye for that.

  4. Can, I can't wait to see that darling fabric in person! Thank you also for being so excited about my winning scarf! I'm so excited and amazed that so many people like it! :) Check out my new earrings (although most are wire) that I just posted!


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