Mother's Day

We had a wonderful Sunday celebrating our moms.  Of course, as with any grand celebration, the baking and cooking begins days before, so on Friday, I baked my first ever vanilla butter cake from scratch.  Saturday morning, I made a pastry cream and lemon curd to add to the cake to make a trifle, then went and helped my mom cook for Sunday.  All of the Vander Kooi side came over to their house after church, so we had a great time hanging out and eating good food.

What's missing in this picture?  
Mom and me
Dad and Mom
Aunt Anne and all her girls
Even Auntie Di was able to come for awhile!
Getting some great food!
After celebrating my mom, we went back to our house where the Feely's soon joined us for home-made pizza, salad, watermelon, and dessert.  It was fantastic!

Jerry and Debbie, with her pretty new plant
Three Generations
Enjoying the great weather outside (before the chilly wind hit, anyway)
Thanks, Moms, for everything!


  1. I am going to guess that Chelsea is missing in the picture of the Vander Kooi women...unless it was supposed to be something on the wall behind you...


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