May Flowers A-Z

Design*Sponge has this feature called Flowers A to Z in which the florist from Blossom and Branch discusses her favorite flowers, beginning with the letter A and moving through the alphabet.  I thought I'd pursue a similar thing for the month of May and hope you'll join me!  Just snap a picture of the appropriate-lettered flower from your own yard or around town (or snag a free photo online) and tell about it!  Today is May first, so it is all about flowers that begin with A.  Tomorrow will be B, etc., and that leaves us with a few catch-up days.

A is for Alyssum

I love these flowers.  In our yard, they tend to like part shade and have done the best under the maple tree in the front yard instead of in a more exposed area in the backyard.  They are annuals, but it seems they're in for the long haul, which is nice.  We planted white and purple this year, and once these guys are happy, they make lovely little flower-covered mounds.  They also have a nice sweet scent.  Don't they just look like spring?

A is also for Azalea, of which we have two, but these have not been happy from day one.  We're hoping once they establish themselves, we'll actually get to enjoy their pretty white blooms.  Azaleas are all over Visalia, though, commonly in pink, purple, and white, and they put on a beautiful display of color in the spring, but sadly I don't have a good picture of ours.

A flower that I would love to have is an Allium.  I believe Debbie has grown these, but I don't know much about them.  They're beautiful, though, technically an ornamental onion, so maybe the onions I planted will produce something pretty this year.
Stock Photo
So, what's blooming around you?  Snap a photo and share it!


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