Purely Divine Boutique...We Did It!

This past Saturday was the Purely Divine Boutique and Brunch, the event that has consumed my time for the last three weeks at least!  My cousin Kara (the organizer of the event) asked me about a month and a half ago if I would be willing to share music and some words with the women attending.  I said yes (what a great opportunity, even if it was a bit terrifying!) and immediately knew what to share.  Quite a few years ago, I had written four songs that tell the story of Ruth and through these songs had attempted to capture the tone and theme of the story.  For Saturday, I wanted to share the story, paying special attention to the amazing theme of emptiness to fullness, then sing the songs.  Perhaps at a later time I'll explain more of what I shared, but for now I wanted to show some pictures of the day.  

The morning began early for me, Stephanie, and Jessica, as we left here around 7:00 am to be in Fresno by 8:00.  All of us had to set up our little stations.  By 10:00, women were arriving to peruse the incredible hand-made items.  Brunch was served around 11 or so, and I begin sharing about an hour later.  After that, women had the rest of the time to shop!

Steph's gorgeous "Any Way Wrap" 
Jessica and Steph next to their booth "The Crocheted Heart" with ZooBoo (Jessica's baby line) and Made by Steph
My table and CDs!  It was quite the ordeal getting these finished in time, but it happened, and I was so thrilled to have 25 of them go home with women!  Plus, it was great making a little money...which pretty much paid for the whole production of them :)
Steph's awesome crocheted earrings that sold like hot cakes!
Some of Jessica's adorable crocheted baby items
The banquet room, all pretty and ready for eager-to-shop women
Me, Jessica, and Steph getting ready to enjoy our delicious brunch
My awesome cousin Kara introducing me, mentioning how as little girls, we would often turn our patio tables into stages where we would sing!  (She held on to the embarrassing story about me telling her that I got to be Ariel instead of her, and she had to be some other dumb mermaid.  Yeah, that was saved for the end.)
Sharing the story of Ruth
What a day it was!  I feel absolutely honored that Kara asked me to share and trusted me to do it!  (Risky!!!)  Even though I was nervous and even though I know it wasn't perfect, I know I pleased God by doing what He wanted me to do, and that's a very good place to be today.

Thank you all who were praying for me and for those who were able to attend and support me!  It means so much.


  1. Yay Can! Great job! LOVE LOVE LOVE your dress, you looked great.

  2. I am sure you were wonderful!! And I LOVE those crocheted items at Stephs tables- amazing!


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