Flowers A-Z: M is for...

We have three maples: a coral bark (our newest), a green, and a red bloodgood.  We love maples, but they are not fans of our hot weather.  We've tried to put them in shielded areas, though, where there is less sun and lots of water, and that seems to be working.  All of these are Japanese maples, so their leaves are smaller and their overall size is smaller.  Perhaps the neatest thing about Japanese maples is their amazing bark color, which is evident by their names: coral, green, and red.

Robby said he didn't want me to include these because he doesn't like them at all.  The only reason they have a place in our yard is to keep our tomato plants free from pests!  Nonetheless, I think they're pretty cool with their bright yellow blooms.  Marigolds are annuals, so Robby only has to deal with them for one season.


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