Flowers A-Z: E is for Elm

Robby and I mentally combed through all the plants in our yard, but it seems we only have one that begins with E.  It's probably our favorite, though, and was the first tree we planted.
This is a Chinese Elm (sometimes known as the Drake Elm), so it's a bit smaller than an American Elm and is also very disease-resistant.  (Although unfortunately, it is not cat scratch resistant.  We finally had to put protective coverings on the other two Elms.)  The American Elm used to be a tree that lined many American streets, but it is prone to Dutch Elm disease, so you don't see that particular type at nurseries anymore.

There are few trees around here that are as graceful and easy to care for as the elm.  They are deciduous, so they do lose their leaves, but we don't mind that.  We kind of like the look of bare trees in the winter!

Robby also loves that little baby elms pop up all over our yard.  Here he is tending his "Elm Farm," as I like to call it:

Kelly was the most recent recipient of one of his home-grown trees in the hopes that she could turn it into a bonsai one day.  If anyone would like to own a baby elm, just send word my way.  I'm sure my farmer would be happy to provide.

I could go on and on about our elms.  Strangely enough, they have been one of the ways God has reminded us of his grace in our lives.  I love how God will use just about anything to show us His presence!


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