Memorial Day BBQ

We didn't have anything planned for Memorial Day, but our day soon was filled with hanging out with friends.  We met a bunch of people at the park for a little picnic and hang-out time, then joined the Gimlin's for a delicious barbecue and an evening of games.  Little by little, I feel I am getting better at our card games.  I got a quirkle and a set this time!
We were pretty proud of our barbecued corn!  Yum!
Nothing like good ole barbecued burgers and chips!
Me and Steph
Robby, Ben, and Ellie (who was taking a short cat nap to gear up for the night)
Corny pictures:
(Sorry...I couldn't help myself!)
Extra in each hand :)
I like that the husk looks like Steph's hair.
It's a bit embarrassing that the corn matches my outfit.   
Ben actually did try the corn later, but I didn't get a picture.  
The only sad part was it felt like a Friday night instead of a Monday night.  Of course, the good part is that Friday comes all the more sooner!


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