Flowers A-Z: D is for...

This is actually an African daisy, an osteospermum.  Robby planted about six of these plants in the middle planter, and they took over!  We had to move them because we had a suspicion they were chocking the dogwood.  Now, they're all over the yard.  As long as they have sun, they seem pretty happy, and ours were able to make it through the frost even though their information says they are annuals.  They also maintained their green leaves all winter.

I can't say we are very good dogwood owners because they are not full-sun trees, yet that is exactly what we are asking of it.  It is in the middle planter in the backyard and receives no shade.  In retaliation, it produced no flowers this spring, so we recognize that it might be moving.  If it were happy, however, it would make lovely light pink four-leaf flowers in the spring before the leaves come out.

Dahlias are amazing!  Debbie gave us a few just last night, and we can't wait to see them grow and bloom.  Last year, I had a really beautiful pink one, but it did not return.  Dahlias are grown from bulbs, so we haven't been too successful with getting them to return.  I don't have a picture of one in bloom, and I'm feeling too lazy to find a stock photo, so google them if you aren't sure what they look like.  Then you'll go, Oh those!  I love love love those!

Also a gift to us from Debbie, these are just the best.  They're one of the first flowers we have in the spring, so nothing says, "Welcome spring" quite like a daffodil.  They too are bulbs, and these returned on their own this year.  Neat!


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