Strawberry Festival

I didn't really know what to expect when we headed to the Strawberry Festival on Saturday.  I suppose I was envisioning fields of strawberries surrounding a Farmer's Market, but what we saw was quite different!  A fair would be a better description: tons of food, crafts, products, entertainment, and people on every street.  Although it wasn't quite a serene as I thought, it was a fun day hanging out with my hub, sis, mom, and other family who were there, and I'm glad I now have experienced the Strawberry Festival.

Excited for the day! 
Enjoying a tri-tip sandwich
You can't tell from the photo, but this table was incredible slanted, so much so that I was afraid the people sitting across from us tumble right into us.
Mmm...garlic fries and strawberry funnel cake!
I think this might be the most intense "Robby eating" picture yet.
Mom and Auntie Di rocking out to the Crisptones (my uncles)
Me and Robby
"Like model!"
Deep fried strawberries, you ask?  Yes indeed!


  1. Are you sure there are fries under that garlic?! Looks like it was a (straw)berry good time :-)

  2. Camille looks like a rockstar!


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