Flowers A-Z: W is for...

...Wax Begonia

There are some plants on which Robby and I just cannot agree.  Pansies, are one; razzleberries are another; and finally, there are the wax begonias.  I don't know why these aren't a fave, to be honest.  They're nice little plants with a strong structure and bright colors.  Although they are considered to be annuals in some places, they are perennials here and grow to be a medium-sized mound.  We have two main varieties, one that has a bright green leaf with pink or white flowers and one that has a deep red leaf with red flowers.  The big downside with begonias is that once it gets cold and foggy, these guys turn to slime.  Besides that, though, they'll keep nice color in spring, summer, and fall.


  1. I agree about wax begonias. Do not love them, but stuck in here and there they are nice color most of the year. Mine did not frost this year at all and have bloomed continuously for more than a year. The across the street neighbors have them planted solidly in their full sun beds and the color is nice. I had no idea they would do fine in full sun here.


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