Flowers A-Z: G is for...


This geranium has been in a little pot for a couple of years now, and it keeps holding on.  I'm actually not sure if it's an annual or perennial (I guess there's both), but it made it through frost and fire.  There are many types of geraniums, but they seem to have these similar leaves.  This one blooms in spring and will go a good amount of time through the summer before it dies back a bit.

...Gerber Daisy
This daisy is sort of like the geranium in that in some areas it's considered an annual, but again, this one has held on.  It seems that I have more success with keeping plants alive through the winter if they're in pots.  I love this flower.  Bright florescent pink with lovely green leaves.  We only have one, but I keep wanting to plant a few more.

The scent of a gardenia is right up there with jasmine for me.  I love it.  Unfortunately, this gardenia has yet to bloom, even though it's looked like this for about a year.  We finally moved it into a more sunny location hoping the sun rays will coax a flower out!  You don't see a lot of gardenias around here because they're a bit finicky with the heat.  But again, keeping it in a pot by the door has helped keep this one alive.  What I especially love is it a true evergreen.  It stayed this bright and beautiful all throughout the winter!


A new one for us!  They're perennials that like the heat (yay!) and will grow to about 3x3 feet.  I really love the little flower shoots.  They have a very natural California look, which is neat, as well.  Gimlin's, I think you guys need some of these!  They go well with your native California backyard!  (Not sure if they really are native, though...)

Wish I had a cool picture, but this is all we have for now!  We planted 18 bulbs in the early spring, and over half of them have shot up with more coming each day.  I'll post a picture as soon as we get some blooms!  These are supposed to be green flowers.  How awesome is that?


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